A year has passed since the Directive came into force. During this time, demanding standards for the protection of personal data have become a universally applicable standard and any weaknesses in this regard are heavily stigmatized. Even if your company has procedures to protect sensitive data, various types of deficiencies may occur in everyday office situations. It often happens that a specific letter will be pulled out of the printer by an unauthorized person, and the scan of the document will go to the wrong folder. Not so long ago, such flaws would not make anybody more impressed, but in the times of the ROPE they should be avoided. The way in which the company ensures the confidentiality of data to its clients and associates has become one of the important determinants of its reputation. Although it may seem that certain situations can not be avoided, the Copy Office offer includes solutions that can significantly minimize the risk of getting lost.
The office assortment distributed by Copy Office has a number of protections that allow you to direct your documents precisely to the appointed hands. Thanks to the device access authorization option, printouts can be downloaded only by defined persons. A simple company magnetic card is enough to unblock access. PDF can be set to scan documents – only the person who knows them can get access to the material. After entering the appropriate settings, the printout may be available only to the person who logged on to the office device. It is also possible to order print on any office equipment remaining on the network. For example, if the recipient of the materials has his room on the floor above, the print order issued by us can be carried out directly by the device standing next to his desk.
Thanks to such solutions, confidential data is protected in an appropriate manner. It is essential that the introduction of these restrictions will not slow down or complicate the company’s operation, and on the contrary – it will increase the comfort of work and avoid misunderstandings.