You do not invest in office equipment because you think that you have to tighten your belt in times of crisis? Thanks to this approach, it is possible that you will actually protect yourself from losses, but will you be able to increase your profits? Efficient and modern office equipment means better service quality, no downtime in customer service and image benefits. All this translates into higher income! You don’t have to give up development even in times as uncertain as the coronavirus pandemic. The equipment lease option from Copy Office will allow you to upgrade your office fleet without financial risk.
It is true that with some of the staff still working in home office mode, and various reports show that remote work will be a common system even after the pandemic is over, investing in new office equipment seems unwise. Not because it is not useful, but because it is expensive and – in the event of a change of office location or a reduction in the number of stationary employees – it can be a ball and chain. What else is a lease! It is the perfect compromise between investment and savings. For a small monthly fee, you get modern equipment – devices that really meet your needs and realistically improve the quality of office work – and a service. You do not have to worry about the consumption of consumables, any defects are repaired immediately, and in the event of a major failure, you get a replacement device. Maximum benefits for a small price, and additionally dependent on the real number of prints. What more could you want?