A good manager not only overcomes crises, but also draws conclusions from them. A coronavirus pandemic should be approached in a similar way. The economy is accelerating again and there is the temptation not to look back to make up for the losses of several weeks of lockdown. In this rush, however, it is worth finding a moment for reflection. Even if the current threat is over, it is good to think now about what to do so that another similar situation does not bring the company such large losses. Especially since epidemiologists are warning about the next viruses that can make our lives more difficult. Copy Office provides solutions that will allow your company to adapt to the new reality.
Hairdresser, beautician, chef – not everyone can afford remote work. However, if the specifics of your industry allows you to perform tasks even partially remotely, you should strengthen this wing of your business today. During the crisis, customers will be more willing to cooperate with a contractor who will ensure them continuity of contact and execution of orders. The videoconferencing system may prove to be a key tool for conducting business in exceptional situations. Thanks to its functions you will be able to conduct full-fledged conversations, negotiations and presentations. The quality of such virtual meetings is so high that system users often stop seeing the sense of distant and time-consuming business trips. Thanks to the Copy Office solution, you can do business with partners from distant cities, countries and even other continents without moving from home.
However, not everyone can afford a home office. If you run a business or manage an enterprise where employees must appear in person, you should ensure that no infected person appears on the site. Easy to say, harder to enforce? None of these things! The Konica Minolta brand system for analyzing the temperature of people in motion allows you to quickly and easily conduct tests on all people entering the building. Thermal radiometry technology precisely reacts to situations when a person in the eye of the camera stands whose body temperature exceeds defined values. An automatically generated alarm allows you to take steps to eliminate the risk of the virus spreading in the building.