Minimalism is a clear trend in various areas of life, including in fashion and interior design. However, this is not only about aesthetic issues, the limitation of scatters also has its philosophical dimension. The fewer objects around, the easier it is to concentrate on what is important. Minimalism also gives more freedom of action – if we do not own a large amount of things, introducing changes, even radical ones, related to moving or reorganizing space, is not a major problem. For this simple reason, minimalism is also a good strategy in business. If you work in a large corporation, it is certainly difficult to imagine giving up the rich office equipment. Nobody is talking about removing devices! It is enough that they cease to be the property of your company, and hence – the pressure associated with their servicing and care for efficient functioning will disappear. These duties can take over the Copy Office.
Such arrangement is possible under a contract for the lease of office equipment. Depending on your needs, you can choose a long-term or short-term option. The first one provides a permanent supply of a complete system of devices and technological solutions along with their ongoing operation and servicing, the second allows for the organization of various types of training and events, without worrying about the company’s technological limitations. In both cases, the client gains freedom of action and solid support in a significant aspect of the company’s operations. Hiring equipment does not require high one-off costs associated with the purchase of equipment, it also does not surprise unexpected expenses in the event of machine breakdowns. As part of the contract, a monthly rent is determined including rent, service, really, technical advice, etc. The fixed amount can be easily included in the company’s budget and does not constitute a significant burden on the portfolio. An additional advantage of the solution is the ability to set the target number of prints and copies, which promotes the optimization of costs and allows you to adjust the terms of the contract to the budget of the company.
There are rarely offers that offer both convenience and economy. Cooperation with Copy Office is a real opportunity for your company. Do not hesitate – enjoy!