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Lessons from a pandemic year

Mar 22, 2021 |

The coronavirus has not yet left ours, and we already hear that the third wave is approaching us. Even if we finally manage to deal with the current pandemic, scientists warn that we can expect an attack of new viruses in the coming years. Everything indicates that there is no return to the state from before the pandemic, and companies and institutions that draw conclusions from the last year will most easily face the next crises. In addition to organizational issues, it is worth thinking about technological security.
Already in March last year, whoever could, was delegated to work remotely. In many companies, such a system is still in force today – in the full or hybrid version. The benefits of such a solution are noticed by both employees and managers, which means savings for both parties. While this may be mentally difficult in the long run, the possibility of periodic remote work in the future would be a value. Nothing prevents it from becoming the norm also in your company! The electronic document flow system from Copy Office will allow not only to perform work from anywhere in the world, but also to maintain the highest standards of task performance.
Where contact with the client is necessary, it is worth focusing on prophylaxis and equipping yourself with a system for measuring body temperature in motion. The discreet device will check all people who exceed the threshold of your company and inform the employee responsible for the inspection about abnormal results. Then it is enough to implement procedures thanks to which such a person will be cared for without being able to enter the building. Remember that in the fall and winter season, not only the coronavirus is dangerous and can threaten the health of your team. How much better it would be for an employee with a developing flu or stomach infection to be sent to a doctor or home office right away, rather than spreading germs to colleagues in the room.
Experiences are there to be learned from them!

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