Running a business for you is not only a way to earn money, but also a kind of social mission? Rightly so, who, if not you, can really influence the environment and the living standards of people employed in the company! Ecology, gender equality, work-life balance – there is a lot to do in these and many other aspects. The professional situation of women is an extremely important and still often overlooked issue. Maybe you will become their ambassador?
Seemingly, there are no major differences between the situation of representatives of both sexes – women go to work and pursue careers, men stay at home on paternity leave. Apparently, in practice, women often do twice as much work, taking care of their offspring, taking care of the house and not neglecting their professional development. It is also women who are more likely to be obliged to look after the elderly and sick in the family. Even if a woman manages to maintain a high level of professional activity, studies show that her salary will be lower than that of a colleague occupying the same position. There are many reasons for such a state of affairs – cultural conditions, educating girls to be modest and obedient – they certainly cannot be remedied. However, you can try to support women with small steps.
Certainly, the possibility of periodically working from home would be a great help for some of them. After all, nothing prevents you from completing the company report and from the corner of your eye to watch the baby playing in the crib. The existence of proven home office procedures would certainly extend the duration of work during pregnancy. In comfortable, home conditions, it is easier to cope with the inconveniences of the body, which often prevent a woman from sitting 8 hours a day at a desk in the office.
Technological support is needed for both sides to be willing to use such flexible forms of cooperation. Copy Office has many solutions up its sleeve that will make it easier for women to combine home, maternity and work activities, and employers will enable maximum use of the experience, knowledge and work of a proven employee in a situation where he is not able to physically appear in the office. A videoconference kit or an electronic document repository are tools that will make your company a place that promotes women’s equality on the labor market.