The pandemic is in full swing, and the flu season has finally come. There are no strong points, this situation will certainly – directly or indirectly – also hit your business. However, you can devise a system to ward off disease attacks – both present and future. Copy Office will help you build immunity!
First of all – prevent. If many people appear in your company every day, it would be worth systematically subjecting them to health checks. The system for measuring body temperature in motion is a perfect, non-invasive solution. It is enough to install appropriate sensors at the entrance to the premises to receive information about one of the main symptoms of coronavirus and flu – fever. No manual measuring, no confusion, no slowing down the flow of people. The system will act like a dense sieve and make it harder for viruses to get inside your business.
However, if your crew has an asymptomatic carrier that infects other people in your team, don’t panic. The most important thing now is the health and peace of your employees. Send them without worries to your home office and look for solutions that will improve your remote work. The Copy Office offer includes, for example, an electronic document repository, thanks to which each authorized user will have access to the necessary materials at any time and from anywhere via the Internet. Discussion of projects in a larger group will, in turn, be facilitated by the videoconference system enriched with elements that will allow you to make a presentation, slide show, etc.
Of course, prevention is better than cure and immune-building even before the virus attacks. Therefore, do not hesitate and choose a solution today that will strengthen your company so that it can quickly and painlessly recover from various infections.