At some universities or faculties, “modernity” is a rather shameful word. Crippling stairs and a wooden, antique ceiling are still showcases of some faculties. The lecturers use yellowed notes, and the teaching materials are provided with chalk and a traditional blackboard. Such a relic of the past can be charming and at first contact it can make an impression, but in the long run it detaches the academic world from everyday life and discourages candidates who are serious about their professional future. How to quickly and efficiently modernize the faculty with traditions? The Copy Office offer brings many solutions.
The combination of tradition and modernity is not only practical, but also in line with current trends in interior design. An interactive whiteboard with important information for students will not only facilitate communication, but also will fit perfectly in the aesthetics of a historic corridor. In addition, this type of message perfectly responds to the needs and habits of the young generation.
Senior lecturers, lost in the world of new technologies, will be facilitated by a central room management system. Instead of starting and operating each device in the room separately, all you have to do is focus on the panel installed by the cathedral. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can easily manage room temperature, sound system, interactive whiteboard, display and other facilities from one place.
At a time when university units are fighting for candidates, and not the other way around, use the best possible arguments – a modern approach to teaching and student service. Such an investment will quickly pay off in the form of increased interest in studying in your field.