The winter session is approaching, followed by a new academic semester and already at many universities similar communication problems can be seen. Students who bomb the leading mailboxes and the occupying dean’s office with numerous questions, despite their best efforts, do not always find the answers to their questions. In addition, their activity in this matter hinders the lives of employees, who must, after all, fulfill their daily responsibilities, and constantly answering phone calls, writing emails and receiving applicants effectively distracts them. Some say that this is the specificity of Polish universities and they do nothing to improve the situation. Others use solutions offered by Copy Office.
Interactive monitors located in the university corridors seem to be the best solution for pre-session ills. All organizational information regarding exam dates, employee roster, schedule in the new semester will be uploaded by a verified employee and displayed in a place accessible to all interested parties. Announcements can be updated on a regular basis, without having to leave the desk. The content of materials can be constantly monitored and, if necessary, corrected – thus disappears the problem of printing errors, loss of information cards or its substitution by an unauthorized person. It is also important that the messages transmitted in the multimedia form are more readable and attractive to students who are used to this style of communication. Not without significance is the ability to reach information also to people with disabilities – e.g. blind or non-blind people. The monitors can be installed in several places, so important messages will always be at hand, without having to crawl stairs or transport to the other end of the building. The costs of such a solution do not have to be large, especially since interactive monitors allow for commercial activities – they are an excellent advertising space for various brands.