Higher education reform particularly promotes modern ways of conducting and presenting research, and interactive education methods. The very name of the document under which the changes are carried out – Act 2.0 – indicates how important the use of technological advances should be for the development of higher education. Copy Office solutions will facilitate making changes in your research unit.
New technologies offer great opportunities related to the presentation and transfer of data. Academic lectures can be colorfully supplemented with detailed presentations of complicated models or film recordings of conducted experiments. Although the implementation of technology requires some financial outlays, it is much more economical than building models or carrying out live experiments. Thanks to the systems offered by Copy Office, students can work independently on individual positions, and the effects of their work can then be presented on a common monitor and discussed in public. Each participant of the course can refer to the viewed materials and, thanks to the interactive monitor, write their own notes. The class teacher also has similar competences – he can enter comments from his own position.
Modern equipment for university rooms also includes professional sound system and video conferencing solutions. All this creates a system of almost limitless possibilities. Consultations with foreign specialists, conducting research together with another scientific center, listening to audio materials – interactive systems can prove themselves in all circumstances, raising the level of teaching and research conducted at the center.