For some time now, the media has been writing about digital nomads – people who have chosen a lifestyle of not being attached to one place, being on a constant journey, without giving up their permanent job. Modern technologies are what makes it possible to implement such a plan. It is possible that this year’s experience of a long home office has aroused similar desires in many people. Maybe it’s high time to fulfill them?
It is assumed that representatives of the so-called free professions can afford to work from anywhere. However, the experience of recent months shows that with a little good will and an appropriate reorganization of the work system, employees of cultural institutions, media, corporations and even officials can also find themselves in such a system. The main thing is the appropriate technical support that can be provided by Copy Office.
It does not have to be the long months spent in Bali – the spring lockdown allowed Poles to appreciate the charms of living in the countryside. At a time when city dwellers felt in their apartments as in prisons, a house after their grandmother or even a makeshift plot near the forest – they were like salvation! More and more people are considering moving out of town, but what keeps them most here is work. However, if one had a professional videoconference set and organized a digital document flow in the company, many employees could breathe deeply and achieve a real work-life balance. And a satisfied employee is a better employee. And more loyal.
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