• Probably there is no person who would not be harmed by a pandemic – health, personal, financial, etc. The best thing that can be done now is to draw conclusions and protect yourself against similar problems in the future. As part of the New Year’s resolutions, you can formulate goals that will make your business come out of the crisis stronger. Below are some suggestions:Carefully analyze the work system in your office. Manual tapping of data that could be cataloged automatically; unjustified stops in the document circulation system; overpriced printing of cards – it may not seem like a big deal, but every year each of these elements grows to quite a large size. Dozens of wasted working hours that could be allocated to the implementation of priority tasks; delays in providing information and their financial consequences; thousands of zlotys unnoticed draining from the budget for printing documents. Discovering these system gaps will allow you to optimize the work of the office, and thus – to dynamise your activities and save a bit. How to do it? Order an audit of an experienced company!
    Improve your remote work system. The last year has shown that those who did not know how to coordinate the work of people from home did not earn. It is worth taking this to heart, because even the invention of the coronavirus vaccine does not guarantee that something will not happen again in the future that will lock the entire population at home. Especially that there are technological solutions on the market that not only effectively facilitate contact or access to documents in the home office system, but also improve office work.
    You don’t have to own everything. You have an eye on an office device that would improve the work of your company and bring it profit, but you cannot afford an expensive investment? Or vice versa – your entire office space is cluttered with devices that are only used occasionally? In both cases, consider leasing office equipment. If you have to take into account every zloty spent, instead of packing into high purchase costs, take advantage of the affordable price of the monthly subscription. By using technological support, you will quickly gain new customers. If, however, you are the owner of a solid