Ricoh MP 4002SP

Basic technical data

First copy: 4,1seconds
Print speed: 40 pages / min.
Resolution: 600dpi
Warm-up time: 14 seconds
Paper weight: 52 – 220 g / m²
The recommended paper size: A3, A4, A5, A6
Dimensions: 670 x 682 x 895 mm
Weight: 97 kg

Useful information

Toner yield: 25,000 A4 pages, TYPE 5001, EDP 847077
Drum module: 150000 A4 pages, D0099510

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Ricoh MP 4002 SP

Post-leasing device.

Creates irreplaceable documents using the full range of post-processing. A full range of finishers with punches for making 2, 3 or 4-hole punched documents that are ready for inserting into files. You will limit expenses to external companies as well as access to the most important documents. The external USB keyboard is connected to the USB port on the operator’s panel or to the USB port on the back of the controller. This saves time when using multifunction devices during scanning and naming and indexing documents for electronic document management (EDM) or archiving. Functionality through real innovation, mobile employees use the option of a web browser module that facilitates the printing of timetables, tickets and instructions directly from the Internet. The print scheduler provides the ability to schedule printing hours for heavy documents at a specific time, thereby reducing the workload of the device during office hours. Thanks to the Auto Job Promotion function, in the event of an error during operation, the printout is shaken and the next waiting job is printed so as not to waste time. Device administrators can easily and quickly manage, monitor, troubleshoot and change device settings. Settings can be exported to other Ricoh multifunction devices operating in the same network that have the same options installed. Together with the Copy Office service, you can configure the device to include secure access to the device, centralized control and print management along with the encryption of data contained in it. For certain functionalities of our integrated package of services and proprietary software, we give you the device with our knowledge so that the document flow becomes safe. Caring for the environment is very much at heart, therefore we propose environmentally friendly and cost-saving features such as high-speed duplex printing, double low power consumption in sleep mode and increased toner yield. This reduces paper, time and energy consumption, thus reducing company costs.

Our Opinion
A device that you can count on with your surroundings. A3, A4 or A5 or A6, paper weights up to 220 g / m² will enhance every document.


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Proces kopiowania:

Skanowanie wiązką lasera oraz druk elektrofotograficzny

Prędkość kopiowania:

40 kopii na minutę



Kopiowanie wielokrotne:

Do 999

Czas nagrzewania:

Poniżej 14 sekundy


25 – 400% (w krokach co 1%)

Pojemność kaset na papier:

Standard: 2 x 550-arkuszowy podajnik papieru
1 x 100-arkuszowy podajnik ręczny
Maksimum: 4,400 arkuszy

Pojemność tacy odbiorczej:

Standard: 500 arkuszy
Maksimum: 3,750 arkuszy

Format papieru:

Standardowa taca: A5 – A3
Opcjonalne tace: A4
Podajnik ręczny: A62 – A3
Taca dwustronna: A5 – A3

Gramatura papieru:

52 – 220 g/m²

Kopiowanie dwustronne:


Wymiary (S x G x W):

670 x 682 x 895 mm


97 kg (z podajnikiem ARDF)


220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Zużycie energii:

Maksymalnie: 1.55 kW
Stan oczekiwania: 102/102/110/112 W
Tryb gotowości: 157/159/166/172 W
tryb uśpienia: 1.2/2.9/1.1/2.9 W
Współczynnik TEC (typowy pobór energii

Język/rozdzielczość drukar40ki:

Opcja: Adobe® PostScript® 3™


Standardowo: USB 2.0, Gniazdo SD,
Karta sieciowa 10 base-T/100 base-TX
Opcja: dwukierunkowy 1284,
bezprzewodowa sieć LAN (IEEE 802.11a/
b/g), Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet

Protokół sieciowy:

TCP/IP (IP v4, IP v6), IPX/SPX

Obsługiwane systemy operacyjne:

Środowiska Windows®
: Windows®
XP, Windows®
Vista, Windows®
7, Windows®
Server 2003, Windows®
Server 2008, Windows®
Server 2008R2
Systemy operacyjne Mac OS: Macintosh OS X 10.2 lub nowszy
Środowiska UNIX: UNIX Sun®
Solaris, HP-UX, SCO
OpenServer, RedHat®
Linux, IBM®
Środowiska Novell®
: v6.5
Środowiska SAP®
: SAP®

Prędkość skanowania:

Pełnokolorowe: Maksymalnie 31 oryginałów na minutę
Czarno-białe: Maksymalnie 61 oryginałów na minutę

Rozdzielczość skanowania:

Maksimum 600 dpi (TWAIN: 1,200 dpi)

Formaty wyjściowe skanowania:


Skanowanie sterowniki standardowe:

Sieciowy TWAIN

Skanuj do:

Pojedyncza strona TIFF, Pojedyncza
strona JPEG, Pojedyncza strona PDF,
Pojedyncza strona Wysoka kompresja
PDF, Pojedyncza strona PDF-A, Kilka
stron TIFF, Kilka stron PDF, Kilka stron
Wysoka kompresja PDF, Kilka stron

Type of printing





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