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Ricoh MP 2555 SP

New device.

Today’s employees need to create and share documents quickly and effortlessly, also online. The MP 2555 SP is an A3 multifunction monochrome device that is characterized by continuity and reliability. Simple but intelligent solutions at your fingertips and at an affordable price are all you need in your office. The device offers print speeds of 25 pages per minute and scanning speeds of up to 180 pages per minute. High versatility, intuitive operation and advanced functions are advantages that you will find in Ricoh MP 2555 SP from Copy Office. The 10.1 inch intelligent operating panel on the Android platform will ensure simple operation of the device. A fast Intel processor will increase efficiency and improve document flow, and additional security and encryption of both digital and paper documents will help keep confidential data safe. The MP 2555 SP is an environmentally friendly device with an efficient sleep mode that minimizes energy consumption.







By renting a device from Copy Office:

-you do not incur costs associated with the purchase of the printing device
-Copy Office bears the costs of periodic technical inspections and maintenance
-you will not pay a single zloty for all repairs and replacements
-free delivery and replacement of consumables
-you have free support and technical support
-if necessary, replace the device so that there is no downtime in the company
-precise estimation of monthly practically fixed costs related to printing of documents
-certainty that the printing equipment was optimally matched to the company’s needs
-software for managing and reducing costs related to document production
-photo from the company’s employees responsible for the functioning of the printing equipment
-the possibility of an attractive purchase of the device after the rental period


The rate for copies / prints set individually. Contact us. 




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Uchwyt ADF, 1 x 550-arkuszowa kaseta na papier, 2 x 550-arkuszowa kaseta na papier, 2000-arkuszowa kaseta dużej pojemności, 1 500- arkuszowa kaseta dużej pojemności, Zespół łącznika, Hybrydowy finisher na 1 000 arkuszy, Finisher na 3 000 arkuszy, Finisher wewnętrzny, Finisher wewnętrzny z zszywaniem bezzszywkowym, Finisher na 1 000 arkuszy, Finisher broszurujący na 2 000 arkuszy, Dziurkacz, Wewnętrzna taca przesuwna, Taca jednopółkowa, Taca boczna, Podstawa z kółkami, Szafka, dwukierunkowy port 1284, Sieć bezprzewodowa (IEEE 802.11a/g/n), Interfejs licznika, Konwerter formatów pliku, interfejs licznika, uchwyt na czytnik kart, Moduł połączenia faksu, Znacznik faksu, Pamięć faksu, opcja faksu, Unicode Font Package for SAP, Moduł OCR,
Wbudowany moduł czytnika kart, Zwiększone zabezpieczenia dysku twardego, Uchwyt klawiatury, USB Device Server, G3 Interface unit, Rozszerzenie USB, Internal multi-fold unit

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