The World Health Organization has recently “burnout” into the International Classification of Diseases as a “sickness syndrome”. This means that the problem is becoming more common and is treated more and more seriously. Disturbing symptoms include a sense of excessive workloads, wasting time and nonsense of tasks. As a person managing the work system, you certainly do not rule out all the factors leading to burnout of people employed in your company, but you can effectively minimize them. It will help you in this Copy Office!
Certainly, the most frustrating aspect of working in any office is the duties associated with cataloging documents. Activities such as scanning, photocopying, arranging in binders do not require much knowledge or invention, they take a lot of time. If they happen sporadically, they can be an interesting diversification of the working day. What else, however, if they become the main occupation of the employee. Without the satisfaction of a well-executed project, without the possibility of using their knowledge and experience, an office worker may feel the frustration that often turns into burnout. Because these types of tasks are schematic and repetitive, they can be successfully performed by machines. What exactly? Find them in the Copy Office offer!
Tools with OCR software for optical character recognition are an extremely helpful tool. They allow you to digitize documents existing in the printed version in a fast, effective and automated way. What is their superiority over an ordinary scanner? The scanner creates a copy of the document without the possibility of editing. It’s like making a photo of a document – an image will be recorded, not the content of the document. The OCR system reads the graphical elements of such a copy, recognizes letters, numbers, arranges words and other significant parts in it and makes it possible to make changes to the document. Simply put, the scanner itself allows you to convert a document into a PDF file, and the device with the OCR function – for a file in Microsoft Word. The solution will work in all archives and repositories, especially where it is necessary to rewrite, for example, whole articles, brochures or fragments of books. It will also be an irreplaceable office help in archiving documents, making corrections to the content of printed contracts, invoices, etc. First and foremost, it will free employees from tedious and unattractive obligations that can lead to burnout.