PrePaid Systems

We propose solutions which allow for settling the costs of production of copies and printouts generated by devices installed in places, where many persons use them (e.g. libraries, offices, schools, etc.) Because of the system, final users will be able to manage resources on their cards used to unlock the devices.

Rooms booking system

Because of this solutions, you can manage rooms effectively, quickly and without any problems. One system allows access for all authorized users, thus it is no longer necessary to make calls and send numerous e-mails. The module gathers and updates information on all rooms, dates of availability, number of seats and equipment. Booking can be made from any place, using the Internet.

Audio-conference system

Modern system enables multimedia audio-conferences with many interlocutors located in various places. Thanks to it, the face of business cooperation changes, providing new opportunities. Handy, battery supplied devices are equipped with microphone, camera as well as cable and wireless network connection. You can use them in almost every situation. Models with screen are unparalleled in sending visual information. All these features enable works over complex, remote projects, creating the playground for meeting a few teams at single place. This is a revolutionary system that reduces costs and time and improves communication between business partners.

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