Combining work and traveling around the world is becoming increasingly popular among professionals. As a graphic designer, copywriter or programmer, you can be in every country and on every continent, on condition of stable and stable access to the Internet. What is not a problem for you can be an uncomfortable extravaganza for the client. Anyway, it’s hard for him to be surprised if he will be sentenced to contact you only via email and medium quality telephone calls. The Copy Office offer includes solutions that meet the new trends in the labor market and provide excellent support for all types of freelancers. It’s worth getting acquainted with them!
Essential – document repository. Even if you run a one-man business and do not have a large archive of accounting books, you certainly have all kinds of materials that you often reach for at your work. They can be sketches of ideas, ready-made templates, examples of previous implementations, contracts concluded, etc. – the ground that they constitute a base without which it would be difficult for you to carry out further orders. Storing them in Dropbox clouds or Googles documents is not the best idea, if only due to the issue of data secrecy. A professional solution in such circumstances is an electronic document repository from Copy Office. This personalized tool, which only verified users have access to, is equipped with a whole lot of security, thanks to which – with the basic precautions – data leakage is not a threat.
In order to maintain a full-fledged contact with the customer, it is better to replace the phone or Skype with a videoconferencing system. The professional tool will make the conversation work smoothly, in high quality sound and image. By meeting the appropriate technical conditions, it will also be possible to send presentations and other multimedia materials. In this way you will not only get a satisfying conversation with a single person, but also take part in a meeting of a department or conference. And that’s all … soaking your feet in a warm pool :).
Do you want to enjoy unlimited freedom of work and life? Contact Copy Office and book a ticket!