We all know it – interesting training, a spacious conference room, an experienced trainer and … a projector that puts the entire presentation on the shoulders. Especially in public institutions, where budget devices are used, the level of adaptation of rooms for workshops leaves much to be desired. Spending big money on the best machines on the market will not solve the problem. This usually lies not only in the quality of the equipment, but also in the inability to adapt it to specific conditions. For this reason, it is worth using the Copy Office services.
Our offer includes devices of different brands, having different parameters and properties. From such a wide range of possibilities, we can choose the option that best suits the needs of our client. The factors we take into account are real, because we do not rely solely on what the client tells us, but we verify this information by conducting an audit of the company. Thanks to this, we spot on weak points and offer solutions that fit well into the specificity of an existing system. In the name of the principle: there is nothing to improve an efficiently functioning mechanism, just optimize it!
Returning to the conference situation, Copy Office will not only propose the best projector among the devices it offers, but also will ensure that it is adapted to the circumstances in which it is used, the size and purpose of the room, other elements of its equipment, etc. our support is still not ending! Copy Office employees will set up the equipment in such a way as to obtain the best effect using the lowest possible resources.
We invite you to cooperation!