Leakage of clients’ personal data has been the cause of image crises for many companies, some of which have never managed to rebuild their former reputation. In addition to losing consumer confidence, legal problems arise in such situations that can significantly hinder the further operation of the company. It is worth protecting yourself against such a possibility thanks to Copy Office solutions.
Printed documents are a fairly obvious source of sensitive data. For this reason, the shredder is a basic element of equipment for private companies and public institutions. An efficient device, well matched to the specifics of the entity’s business, allows to effectively get rid of sensitive information. Many people think that the destruction of printed materials is enough to get rid of data collected in the company. Few people realize that modern printing and scanning devices can also store them. Therefore, getting rid of machines without first cleaning them is very risky.
The Data Removal Service was created to protect you against unexpected information leaks. It allows you to get rid of data saved on hard drives, fax cards, SD cards, NVRAM. Using the solution will not only protect you from losing your reputation, but will also create an image of a trustworthy, secure company. All thanks to the possibility of documenting the process of data destruction. This is a strong argument to use in communication with clients.
Be safe and ensure the safety of your customers.